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Canada - Saskatchewan Job Training Grants

Good News for Corporate Employers

Assistance to Train employees who are ready for higher responsibility. Do you have one or more outstanding employees that you would like to train to take on a higher job responsibility in Project Management but a shortage of training budget is preventing you from providing the training required? Good News – the new Canada Saskatchewan Job Grant Program will pay two thirds of the cost of the training required up to $10,000 of funding assistance per employee being upgraded. Also, for some small businesses the employee’s may make up part of the employers contribution. The Government of Saskatchewan has partnered with the Government of Canada to introduce the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant to help employers train workers to meet their specific workforce needs. Details are available at Canada Saskatchewan Job Grant

EXP’s training qualifies for this funding The Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant will put skills training decisions in the hands of Saskatchewan employers and help workers get the training they need for available jobs. Through this program, employers and government will partner to fund training for unemployed or underemployed individuals leading to a new or better full-time job.

The following EXP Project Management training seminars meet the job grant requirements:

  • EXP060 - Advanced Project Management & PMP Exam Prep (37.5 hrs of training)
  • EXP 1-2-3 Training Bundle (37.5 hrs. of Project Management training)

    The aboveTraining bundle can be taken in modules and includes the following

    1. EXP022 - Project Management Foundation Principles & Techniques
    2. EXP011 - Automating Project Management and
    3. EXP090 - Leadership: Five Essential Skills for Managing Projects

    The above seminars are outlined in our website at

    This is a great opportunity to ensure your project management needs are met. For Job Grants Detail click here

    Grant applications need to be approved before the training date

    E-mail to EXP